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TV and Letting Go

January 9, 2013

Have you ever been so into a TV show, that you almost can’t keep it off your mind?  A show that’s so awesome, you only commit yourself to watching that one show, and nothing else? Maybe I’m just a little weird, but I’m totally that way.  One of the last series I really – and I mean REALLY – got into was Breaking Bad.  At work when we’d talk about stuff we watched, movies ect, I’d always talk about Breaking Bad and how much everyone needed to see it.  My friends would suggest other shows to watch but I’d tell them not until the series was over.  Even once I finally finished the series, my friends would be like ‘OK buddy, NOW you have to check out <insert pop cultured HBO special here>’, and I’d reply simply with a ‘not yet man, I’m still riding the high of Breaking Bad.  I need a little time.’


Funny how we can be with things as trivial as television shows.  The sad thing is, that’s not the only series I had been thoroughly attached to… I was the exact same way with Dexter, Louis, and most recently Blue Mountain State.  It occurs to me that this behaviour can exist outside the realm of television and be applied to other things in life.  I suppose anyone who values anything as high as I valued my goofy TV shows could experience the same difficulties of letting go, even if its something as simple as a 3 season TV series.  That I watched all in a matter of two weeks.  I may have finally gotten over Blue Mountain State, however now I’m onto Community.  God help us all.


I saw goodbye in her eyes, I don’t think I can change it. – Zac Brown

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