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No motorcycle for me, thanks

January 17, 2013

That fitness bug that hit me late last year has really bloomed this month.  Every day I feel more and more inclined to run, eat healthy and continue going to the gym.  My mindset?  The half marathon in June.  Its on.  Thirteen gruelling miles shall pass beneath my feet on race day, where I plan on finishing the race in under 2.5 hours.  Hopefully.  Honestly, I really just want to cross the finish line.  


Lately everything has been inspiring me, from the people I’ve been talking to, to buying new workout gear to prep for the big race.  Still, nothing inspires me more than reminiscing about the shape I was in two summers ago.  That was the year I was supposed to do the 10k run and 20k bike – that is, until I had a motorcycle accident that left me casted up.  This year is different.  This year, the race is on.  Even though I’m running this race solo, this is the year that I make the half marathon my bitch.

  1. run run run! yay!

  2. wahoo! You’ll kill the marathon easyyyyy

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