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Mexican Adventure feat. El Hazardo

January 29, 2013

Wow, what a week it has been.  Kicked off last weekend by hosting my work party – which was interesting all on its own, its not everyday you’re allowed to drink and then grab a microphone – to departing the following morning on a plane to Mexico with a mere 45 min nap in the place of a good nights sleep.



This little mishap happened the second day in.  I know, sunscreen, right?  Ha!  I did use it…but for whatever reason I honestly thought my legs were impervious to the sun.  This little ‘sun tan’ on the legs was earned via laying near the pool bar for 4 straight hours sipping on screw drivers and mai tais.  Yup.  No one back home from Winnipeg feels sorry for me.



There were TONS of pictures taken by man people, and reasonably so, none were taken by me.  Instead, all of my drunken candid shots were taken OF me in probably some of my worst, yet awesome, states of partying.  As you can see, we all thought flowers were a great idea.  As straight of a face I’m trying to conceive here…I assure you I was in full fledge classic Matt Hazard mode.


There were too many random adventures that were had to even begin to try and categorize them.  Most of the days kind of blend together, and strangely enough this wasn’t due to any amount Mexican cocktail consumed, but rather the non stop go-go-go attitude that most of us on the trip had.  At one point, I damn near fought a raccoon at our late night beachside dinner, blew up a bottle of nail polish in my cousins hotel room, popped the cork off a champaign bottle which ricochet off a wall and back into my face giving me a fat lip, and making an on air appearance for the local radio station on why I got so sunburnt.  Yes, the trip I took was actually with our local QX104 radio station out of Winnipeg, so getting some air time wasn’t all that difficult.  When you’re a sunburnt idiot.  



Oh yeah, my cousin and I had an argument over who’d win in a real fight, Spiderman or Batman.  We found the victor.  Tequila.

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