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Warm and cold things

January 30, 2013

Barely over 24 hours after I arrive back to Canada from a hot climate, they ship me 9 hours up north to the frost bitten barren lands that go by the name of Flin Flon.  Seriously.  I literally went from +30 outside to -30 in a matter of a day.  60 degree spread!  At least my sunburn can get cold shocked and feel a little less UVish as both my legs fall off due to extreme temperature change.  C’est la vie.


This was a shot I took driving and almost reaching my final destination of Flin Flon – after having to stop to fix something I installed last october in the Pas.  This actually doesn’t do Flin Flon any justice at all, this is merely the highway approx 40 or 50k away from the actual town.  The actual town is beautiful!  I know someone who’s going to work up here this summer, and I can only imagine what this little fishing town will look like under proper sunlight.  Lots of rolling hills, vast forests and many lakes, which is a nice change from the boring parries.


Still, nothing compares to the beaches of Puerto Morales where I spent the last week.  Boo


However, I digress.  The only – and I mean ONLY – nice thing about being back home (excluding this few day stint up north) is that I can finally settle back into my cardio routine.  I’ve been itching to buy myself a Garmin GPS watch to help me in my half marathon training, and by next week it shall be mine.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Actually probably not, I have aquired a bit of a hefty credit card bill from recent excursions and purchases, but hey whats another $200, right?  Either way, its not quite February and I’ve got months ahead of me yet, but I’m aiming to put about 80 miles a month behind me.  Oh and for anyone who doesn’t believe me, I shall have proof posted up on my Daily Mile account –

It may be blank this very second (at least as I’m posting this), but the Garmin will not lie to you.  80 miles ran in February. Pow.  Hold me to it!  I will NOT disappoint!  And if I do, I shall buy all you non believers a pie.  That I’ll throw in your face.  Because I’m a winner.  80 m boom GO!

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