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January Mashup

February 1, 2013

GLAAAD to be back home and out of the great white north!  As the month winds down, I finally feel like everything is falling back into place.  Starting with the marathon training routine.  Today was the first day back running in 2 weeks, and I must say, I even impressed myself.  Which doesn’t happen often.  I managed to fire off 4 miles on the treadmill today at a steady pace of 7.5…pretty decent for a man who spent the past week in Mexico making friends with all the bartenders.



Look, new running gear!  Ignore the magazine, it uhm, came free with the watch.  Brand new Asics AND a fancy shmancy Garmin GPS watch to monitor and record how fast and far I’m running!  So cool, right?  Yes I’m a dork, but I still think this watch would be a party hit if it had support for measuring the blood alcohol level in its wearer.  Pow!


Have a look at this cute little fellow.  If you guessed he’s my personal trainer for this springs outdoor runs, you’d be getting a gold star!  I know he may look like a Yoda/Master Splinter hybrid, but this little man has got energy for days.  Seriously, he could be the poster boy on the negative effects caffein has on todays youth.  Bazinga.


Ok, this one seriously needs some explanation.  Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a shot to show off my muscles.  I mean seriously, I look like Spiderman and Bruce Lee gave birth to a stick.  And no, I’m really not into douchey self mirror shots for no reason, this ACTUALLY serves a purpose, I swear!  This was taken – for my own records – to prove that somehow I actually lost weight during my week of absolute debauchery in Mexico.  How, do you ask?  Simple.  I managed to stay away from the greasy foods they offered, limited the consumption of cerveza, and kicked off my day with a surprisingly healthy diet of lots of fruit and a bit of meats for breakfast.  Then, I followed it up with my real breakfast which consisted of a shot of tequila and a daiquiri.  Then I was ready for the drinking.  I realize now after I typed this out it makes little to no sense, so the alternative reason must be that I swallowed too many shots and now I have a tequila worm baby.  I like option B.


Lastly to wrap this little blabber session up, look at this little gem I found!  I have to hand to myself and my beautiful date, we really clean up!  This is the only picture I’ve come across where I don’t look like I’m awkwardly holding in a fart.  This was from my work party, and my date for the evening is my good friend Kaila.  She’s a beauty.  One of the most inspiring people I’ve met!  She’s the one who convinced me (conned me) into running the half marathon this summer.  Since she’s unable to make it due to work conditions, I’ll be running it solo.  Don’t worry Kaila, I’ll pour a little Gatorade on the ground for you as I cross the finish line!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Matt! Love that photo, and love that you bought a Garmin! You will love it!

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