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Milestones and…bachelor parties?

February 4, 2013

Quite the eventful weekend it has been!  Then again, having a 4 day weekend leaves a lot of room for various random fun to occur.  Apart from thursdays bar escapades, saturdays bachelor party, and sundays fam-jam lunch followed by Superbowl party, it was saturday morning that really stood out for me.  It was late that morning that I finally ran 6.5mi!  And did it under an hour, clocking in at 52min 11 seconds!  I know this doesn’t mean a lot to most people, but this milestone is critical in preparation for this summers half marathon.  Not only did I prove to myself I can keep a steady pace at 7.5 speed, but I can now run half of my total distance without dying.  Thats huge.  For me anyway.


mikebefore mikeafter

BEFORE                                                                AFTER

This is just priceless.  This is my buddy Mikey.  We grew up beside each other as neighbors and now he’s getting married in just a few weeks, and I’m in his wedding party.  The wedding party thought it would be fun to buy him a cheap cheesey pink shirt to wear for the evening of his bachelor party and bring markers for random people to sign him.  We started off playing paintball – which I got welted up like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl – had beer and food at a local pizza joint, and finished the night off getting liquored at a strip club of Mikey’s choice.  He spent the night walking up to random people – and strippers – getting them all to sign his shirt.  By the end of the night, there wasn’t much room left on it to leave an exclamation mark.  (Since the shirt ran out of space, people started signing his face. I’m sure his fiancee will understand this is what men do when they get drunk. Apparently.)


Sundays lunch was phenomenal.  Somehow, my brother and his fiancé managed to whip up this little masterpiece after church and serve the whole fam.  Ha yes, my brother and his fiancé.  Everyone seems to be getting married this year!  I’m in two weddings – emceeing one – and attending another for a grand total of 3.  Busy busy!  Maybe I’ll be declared godfather of one of couples kids.  If they know any better, they won’t let me because I’ll suit up, stick cottonballs in my cheeks and give terrible impressions of Marlon Brando.


Anyone have any friggen clue what the deuce this is supposed to be??  Its apparently a shirt girls wear for modelling, but it looks more like something Morticia Addams would knit for a relative.  This little number was found in the spare bedroom referred to as “the second closet” at my friends house where a group of us watched the Superbowl game.  I was rooting for the 49ers.  Obviously they lost to the Ravens.  Boo.  At least the vodka redbulls tasted up to par.

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