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Boom. Weekend wrap up

February 9, 2013


It seems its almost becoming customary for me to start off with an ill form of debauchery caught on camera.  As you can see, I really do enjoy my weekends.  And really, who doesn’t?  I felt the need to celebrate after my work informed me they are going to put me through some schooling and and toss me an office job position, making me a very happy electrician!  No more working outside in the cold?  Wait, you’re giving me a laptop AND more money…whaaaaat?  For the first time in a long time (in my career anyway) – I am a happy happy camper!  Looks like I’ll be a college boy again starting in April!  After watching too much of the hit TV series Community, I’ve decided to take on the personality of Abed.  Spanish raps to follow.


This was taken a few days ago at the gym after a 4 mile jaunt with an incline.  Oh yes, I do inclines now.  I’ve been mocked for my easy runs in the past so I’m moving up the “Imma Bawss” ladder.  Note the sporty $4 Wilson tennis bandanna I’m now wearing on a regular gym time basis.  It helps keep the sweat from filling into my ears and popping my ear buds out while I’m party rocking to Thrift Shop whilst running.  Sexy.


Since I haven’t been goaltending as much these days, the light weight workouts and running at the gym is all I’ve really been getting.  That is, unless you count my Spiderman debut in Mexico as a beach volleyball superstar.  Oh yeah, this sweet little mask got me all kinds of attention back at the resort.  For awhile I thought they all liked me there because I kept getting free drinks at all the bars.  Then I remembered it was all inclusive.  And I realized I had too many free tequila shots on the beach.  And I was wearing the mask for 2 days solid.  Yup, that marked the day that it was time to fly back home to the frozen desolate lands of Canada.


I shall leave you with a pic of my cat.  She loves to hang out on the windowsill, the top of the fridge, inside the shower to pounce on you while you’re sitting on the toilet, or most recently my gym bag.  Seriously.  If I didn’t hear the purring I’d have taken her all the way to the treadmill with me.  She’s a goof, but I love her.  She’s upset with me now because I left her in the dog’s custody for the evening while I go check out the Dean Brody concert followed by more drinks and debauchery.  I know, I undo everything I accomplish at the gym in a week, in a single night.  I’m nothing if not consistent.

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