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You’re a Wizard, Hazard

February 12, 2013

You know, whenever I’m in a bathing suit or a pair of shorts, people always comment on my Harry Potter shaped scar on my left leg.  The first time I heard “You’re a wizard, Harry” I’ll be the first to admit it was funny.  However over time I got way too accustomed to a mix of questions and statements like “mudblood”, “where’s you’re wand, Potter”, and my personal favourite – “Avadacadabera!”  Such wit infused people I meet.  However, I did in fact get this little mark-of-manhood at a little Tri-Wizard tournament that I like to call, dodgeball.

The Dodgeball Game


Yup, this is me.  No, I don’t normally leave the house like this, at least not unless the LA Bloods require some Canadian backup.  This was my teams costume for game day entry.  Well, the shirt was.  All the dudes on the team thought it would be funny to mod the shirts in a fashionable Macho Man Randy Savage look, complete with multiple bandanas.  What can I say, I was right in there like an 80s wrestler on a slim jim.  Despite our team playing progressively worse as the cooler got emptier (it might be notable that our performance was inversely proportional to the amount of liquids in the cooler – hows that for some highschool math),  but we seemed to excel at the alternative minigames that awaited us inbetween actual sanctioned dodgeball games.  And by this of course, I mean jengablock jumping..

The Scar


Before I get too far into how I actually attained the scar, I figured it’s appropriate now to show the actual damage done.  So, here it is.  The famous Lightning-bolt Scar.  Neat, isn’t it?  This was acquired by the jenga blocks.  Not just any jenga blocks, I’m talking the kind Andre the Giant would have used as a kid.  I mean these things were huge!  We would take turns jumping over the blocks, slowly building them up, and going again for another trick over the top of the blocks.  There was one particular 16 year old kid who kept up and kept jumping anything we built – and I couldn’t lose to him.  So, after his last jaunt over the top of the now near 6′ high blocks, Hazard took his turn.  And failed.  And so the scar was born.  How exactly did it go down?  Well, have a look for yourself..

The Video..

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