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Hazard’s Law of Attraction

February 19, 2013

Have you ever ever met someone special, and the moment you sit down to talk with them you’re just blown away?  Ever felt that instant ‘spark’ with someone, and aren’t sure how exactly to explain it?  We all have.  It’s a little piece of magic that we feel when the right person comes around, a sort of intuition bathed in a natural chemistry that lets us feel euphoric when in the presence of the person, not to be duplicated by just anyone.  We accept it for what it is, a feeling or ‘spark‘ that simply cannot be explained…or can it?

Back in 2011 I was quite smitten by a girl that just didn’t work out in the end.  After months of carelessly chasing after her and then finding out she had found a significant other, I decided it was time to find out where it had gone wrong.  I figured if I could plot the events using real life variables in a dynamic equation, I could not only assess any relationship situations current state, but could also single handedly predict the outcome of a date based on realtime plotted data.  However, in order to do this, I first had to define the ‘spark‘.

The Equation


And there it was, the finished product.  Hazards Law of Attraction.  Granted this little piece of genius isn’t perfect in the sense that definite numbers for each variable haven’t had set limits placed yet, do not be fooled.  This serves as an astonishingly accurate estimation on on how someone feels towards you using an in-depth algorithm with real life relatable variables.  Did I say a mouthful?  Its surprisingly easy to follow.  Lets go deeper..

The Variables

C – charm                             a – appearance                W – awkwardness

H – hormonal factor         R – repulsion                      I – outside influences

F – impression                     u – humour                       À – alcoholic influence

Now, the above listed variables are just a few that I had come up with on that faithful night that the Law was born.  Most of these variables are self explanatory.  Charm is the level of charm you’re bringing to the table, appearance is how attractive you are, ect…but some may need some explaining.  Hormonal factor refers to the intensity of the persons libido.  Outside influences are factors outside of the date that can affect someones attraction towards you, such as friends or family opinions.  Lets take a closer look now at the actual equation.

The Formula


At a first glance this could seem confusing, especially if you’re a stranger to math or physics equations.  Once its explained though, its actually very straight forward.  In english, this translates to “the attraction is virtually equal to the sum of the total encounters from the last major event multiplied by the impression left plus the level of charm, multiplied by the libido of the other person (H, the hormonal factor), plus the sum of all the encounters up to the last major event divided in half, plus 2 times the outside influences divided by the total number of encounters with the person.”  OK, so that may not have been exactly “english”.  Lets break it down a bit further..

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

Lets say you meet someone, and you go out on a total of 10 dates.  On date 6, you hook up.  Date 6 would now be considered the last major event.  The 10 dates are the total number of encounters.  Simple, right?  Now it gets interesting.  Arguably so, every date since the hookup now holds more significance than all the dates leading up to it – see Figure 1.  This means the first 5 dates hold half the relevance on how much the person is attracted to you now – see Figure 2.

Figure 3

Figure 3

The most interesting part of this entire equation is probably the last part – see Figure 3.  The 2I/n holds the key to making this entire theory actually function.  Lets pretend you met someone new through a friend and have gone out only twice.  Now, since you’ve gone out only two times, you are still assessing how you feel about the person.  You’re friend tells you that they don’t like your new date, and since you haven’t had many encounters, this information starts to sway your decision on how you feel about said date.  New scenario.  Lets go back and say you’ve gone out with your date 10 times, and now you have developed your own opinions on the person.  Now your friend tells you they’re not fond of your new date.  Since you’ve now had so many encounters, the outside influence from your friend is less likely to sway your decision.  This is exactly expressed in the 2I/n portion, stating that two times the outside influences divided by the number of encounters will greatly affect the level of attraction.  In plain english, the less amount of times you encounter (date) your new love interest, the more likely your friends or family – outside influences – affect your prospective.  The more you go out with the person, the less the effects of outside influences will have on your level of attraction to your date.

What does this mean?  At any point, you can recalculate the attraction (L) to reassess how your you feel about your love interest, or how your love interest feels about you.  Ever have it happen where one week your special someone is all into you, and the next week not?  Have you been in the situation where you feel like you’ve just lost that ‘spark’ with someone and can’t figure out why?  Work through the equation and see where it went wrong.  I have literally used this theory in my head while on dates with people for the first or second time and decided they weren’t right because I didn’t feel the connection.

Of course, it could be argued that there obviously could be more, or that the ones I’m using could be explained deeper than I actually did.  For this to work, you’ll have to accept the current model as a prototype to fully understand what I’m proposing.

The Conclusion

We all want to understand relationships.  This formula even though isn’t a complete perfect equation, but should be treated only as an outline or protocol for dating.  It can give an insight to how people may feel towards you, and help justify to yourself how and why you feel towards others.  Hilariously enough, some of the variables in here I actually took the time and broke down even further, but to keep the post a little simpler as a daily dump I opted out of including the extra info.  Maybe I’ll put the whole thing up one day under a new sub category if I get bugged enough.  Maybe I’m just an evil love genius, or maybe I’m just infatuated with the constant desire to know and understand everything in a logical way.  Or maybe I’m just crazy.

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  1. Dave permalink

    Right on, still remember the creation of this. The world needs to know!

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