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Recipe for Inspiration. And food.

February 20, 2013


Another day, another dollar.  Or actually, not really since I skipped work today.  Long story, but thats a story for another time.  Today I hit a milestone.  Quite literally, actually.  Today was the day I broke past the 7mi runs I’ve been doing lately and pushed myself all the way up to a 10 miler!  I had the incline set to 1.0, and I put my entire heart, soul and emotions into the run – and I ran it for me.  Usually I try to mentally dedicate anything difficult in my life – like goaltending hockey games – to people as an added inspiration.  Not today, today it was all for myself.  A sort of self healing manoeuvre.  In order to run this distance though, I needed new gear, so I bought this fancy under armour shirt and new headband.  The pic above is sans headband, because I look even more douchey with it on.  The Jets hat is WAY cooler…

I came to the realization today that the gym isn’t the only major part of preparing for the marathon this summer, but diet as well! (Duh, Matt)  I eat at my parents all the damn time, and its now time I start cooking for myself once again like I was doing all the time 2 years ago.  Don’t believe me?  Why would you, I’m lazy.  Lucky for me I can defend myself with picture proof!


Hazards Dishes



This is number is one of the first things I ever whipped up on my own! Made the dough from scratch, and used all fresh veggies.  Even went as far as buying a pizza stone for the oven, and pizza paddle too. Who says Hazard can’t cook?  Then again, pizza isn’t all that difficult..




splitpeaham Ha ok, I fully understand that this totally looks like a pot of cat vomit. I assure you though, this was made in 2011, well before I even owned a cat! My friend Andrea and I had a little cook-off competition on who could make the best Split pea and Ham soup. Even though she lived a good 1.5 hours away from me, she threw the challenge at me thinking I couldn’t do it.  To this I say…screw you, hippie.


sheppie2 This one…just wow. Even though a LOT of people don’t consider sheppards pie to be difficult by any means, let me just say there are a few processes before you can even get started. For instance, you have to mash the potatoes before you can even put the crap in the damn jar thing..or dish, or whatever that thing is called. Naturally, I champed it first try. What can I say, I’m hunger inspired.


sauce I may not be CEO of culinary arts, but I am definitely the sauce boss.  This right here is my pride and joy. Mainly because it’s easy as pie – not to be confused with the hard-ass sheppards pie. Sauce base is tomato paste and water. Yup, it sports a lean mean ground beef filler, with sheiza tons of fresh veggies. This is too thick for pizzas, so I use it as spaghetti sauce since spaghetti is a food fit for kings.


breakfast I know this looks ridiculous. Matt, whats the deal, its just toasted tomato sandwiches, ham, eggs and hash browns! Well, the secret here is the hashbrowns. They were full potatoes when I first held them. I cubed them, boiled for a bit then pan fried them, adding garlic and other magnificent things. The icing on the proverbial cake with these hash browns is the Hy’s seasoning I used. I’d kill for these again. Seriously, kill..

So there you have it. I actually DID know how to cook at one point.  So why don’t I do it now?  No, it has nothing to do with not having anyone to cook for, as I was single 2 years ago when I cooked all these masterpieces up for myself.  I look at cooking the same way as going to the gym.  Once you’re in a routine, its easy, but we all need that initial push to get started.  Back then, Andrea was my friendly push.  Now, its the Manitoba Marathon.  I need to eat right and continue the training I’m already doing!  Buy those groceries and start making magic happen in the kitchen!  Before I start all of this though…I wonder if my stove even still works…

To be continued…

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