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Messy Roommates

March 1, 2013

Ever have a roommate who’s just totally messy – as in never picks up after themselves and always leaves a nice mess for you to deal with?  Yeah, me neither…up until a few years ago. Like seriously, how inconsiderate can one be?  Well, I suppose when you’re only 4 years old – and a canine – you should be cut some slack.  Especially when you weren’t alone in the crime.  My dog and his 3 feline friends seemed to have a wwe royal rumble in the house at some point today.  On top of this, they clearly conspired in what seemed to be a devious plan to redecorate my house with garbage.  My cats food bowl was dumped off the counter with food bits all over the floor, the dog had topppled the garbage can over and spread the love all over the kitchen.  One of the other cats had dragged an old banana peal in front of the couch where she slept, and the last cat sat on a mound of blankets with 2 empty *licked clean* cans of cat food on the top.  This is what I came home to today..

Video Apology

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