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The Mancave

March 11, 2013

Good news guys, I just spent all my money! – Troy, Community


Well, the quote and picture above about sum it all up.  Hazard is now broke.  Do I regret buying an insanely expensive HD camcorder?  I can answer that question with a question – does Kristen Stewart know how to act?  The answer to both is no, not in the least.  If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I’d have boughten it sooner.  So why did I spend almost an entire paycheck on one piece of equipment?  The answer is simple – every mancave needs its man toys.

The Mancave

Since the beginning of time, men have felt the need to find a place of solitude to claim as their own.  Even though they already had a cave to share with their nagging cave wives, they needed an additional cave….just for themselves.  Typical mancaves would have food stored that their wives were unaware of, stone shelving to house expensive tools made of rock and bone that their wives didn’t know they could afford, and cave paintings of other women.  This tradition still carries on today.  In my house, I have a roommate who lives downstairs, and to assure my own privacy, I build a mancave upstairs across from my bedroom.  Simplistic and loaded with toys, here are a few pics of what I’m rocking.

IMG_1078A nice little 42″ TV serves both as a tv for my ps3 and Netflix, as well as a computer monitor so I can read guitar tabs in large print.  The Deadmau5 head on top of my bookshelf is an icon of awesome that I made one year for a halloween costume.  Now it’s a relic and reminds me of how cool I am.

IMG_1077Here you can see my musical rig I’ve got going on.  Condenser mic with pop filter on the left and electric guitar both hook up into the interface sitting directly behind my macbook.  I still do have an amp for the guitar, but I find it more fun playing into the computer and sending my friends annoying little riffs I make up over iMessage.

IMG_1079Where every mancave needs at least one jersey pinned up on the wall, not every mancave requires your grandparents old flowery couches – that was my own decision.  The jersey hanging above is one that I used when I played in goal for a local radio station fundraiser.  I got it signed by the two captains of each team, Dallas Smith and Chad Brownlee!  Zach Bogosian of the Winnipeg Jets was there too that day so I weaselled my way into getting his autograph on there too.  I’m sneaky like that.

IMG_1080And finally, what would a mancave be without a mini-fridge?  Not a good one, is the only accepted answer.  The whiteboard on the right is where I do all my scientific work to figure out life.  The now infamous “Hazard’s Law of Attraction” is still up there, now an iconic equation that’s solidified its place in history.

The Mancaves Purpose

Isn’t it obvious?  This is where we as men do what we do best – get drunk and waste time either by ourselves or with friends.  As well, this serves as a place where we can just play with our expensive toys…in my case my guitar, watch movies on Netflix or shoot some crazy dumb videos and blow holes in the wall with .45 caliber firearms.  Confused?  Just watch the video..

  1. Kristi permalink

    Being one of those people who have had the honour of receiving one of said riffs, they’re actually quite fun!

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