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End of the Month Photodump

April 1, 2013


Welcome to beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba in April.  Isn’t the weather just to die for?  Sadly, it almost is.  This time last year the sun was out in full force and men were walking around with no shirts on while the women yelled at them to put down their beer can and mow the damn lawn.  Ok that was little too close to home, but you get the idea.  This weather, not fun, especially since I’m TRYING to train for the half marathon this summer and haven’t been running on the treadmill as much due to homicidal tendencies.  There’s only so many months I can run on the spot until I shoot someone.  Music doesn’t even help anymore – it’s gotten to the point where I can pick out the BPM in any given song and use that information to calculate how fast and far I’ve ran.  Its sick, I literally now need 1980’s radio shows playing on my iPod and a hockey game on tv or I can’t run the treadmill.  PLEASE GOD let it warm up soon..

Work Life


Work has been…interesting.  I’ve been sent to a low income housing site where I’m installing – well what I’m installing isn’t important, its boring and monotonous, so I’ve made friends with the locals.  As you can see here, Cheeto – aptly named by yours truly – is chilling in the maintenance room with me while I teach him how to properly use a cordless drill.  He was very impressed, as we sat and chatted for about an hour before his owner came in and asked what the hell we were doing.  Some people can’t appreciate a good friendly visitation.  Jerks.


The other day my boss wanted me to “rush” down to the first floor from the 10th, as he needed help carrying something into the building.  Being the company man that I am, I thought it’d be way more efficient to slide down the service shaft at mach 3 rather than take the stairs or elevator.  This is just another reason why I’m so adored at work.


Home Living


I think Em’s finally had enough of me neglecting her.  She set out the other day to fly to the moon.  Its funny, because I always figured the dog would be the first to move out.  Who knew!  Despite her failed attempts at flight, she stayed in her little rocket ship for the duration of the evening.  At least I think she did, I wasn’t really paying attention.


This could be the reason for the animal neglect…I have wayy too much fun at home on my own without the need of furry company.  I honestly don’t know what inspired me to make a Peter Griffin mask out of a paper bag, but probably had a bit to do with the fact work has been so bloody boring as of late that I spend my 8 working hours doing Seth Macfarlane voice overs.  Now I’ve got a face to go with my Peter impression.  All I need now is a Stewie mask and I’m set!


The cat has since forgiven me, and we’re back to being friends.  This picture was actually taken while on the toilet…which is now something you can’t un-know.  She does this every morning, and I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a parrot.  Don’t be fooled by her cute nature, although I do know she loves me, she’s in tight with the dog and this is just a decoy so he can dig through the garbage.


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