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Race Day – Manitoba Marathon 2013

June 16, 2013



The day has finally came.  My day of reckoning, where all my training since, well, “December” came into play.  From all those mentally stressful days in winter on the treadmill, to the Winnipeg Boston Marathon tribute race, to the 5k Run Your Heart Out event in April, and all the training in between – today is what it all boiled down to.  Interestingly enough, I never truly knew what irony was up until this morning.

IMG_1342This is the lovely view I had looking out my bedroom window through the screen at 5am this morning.  The day started off at a crisp 13C outside, with a chance of thundershowers.  Luckily, it did finally warm up and the sun chased all clouds away.  I was still groggy from the minimal sleep I had, and moments later the paranoia set in.

I was about to finally run the Half Marathon I’d been training for all year.  Except, I hadn’t exactly been training the last month.  At all.  And when I was told to “carb up” the day before the run, my rendition was heading out mid day with my brother and drinking a pitcher of beer.  Not the smartest way, but logically speaking, it is carbs.  And I’m a logical guy.  Mostly.

Don’t be fooled, though.  There is a point to all of this nonchalant debauchery.  Last week I got a phone call from work telling me that I had a First-Aid course I was to take on Sunday – the day of the marathon.  I was already worried I was going to do horrible, so I actually considered taking the training as an easy way out of having to run the 13.1 miles to what I thought at the time would be my ultimate doom.  Instead, I decided  I was going to run it.  And run it I did.

This is where the irony I learned comes in.  Somehow, even with the lack of training the past month, and the beer swilling nature of being a tradesman, I still had heart.  My determination to complete this sucker not only pushed me through the finish gates with a time of 1:57:53, I was also able to fight through the entire race without pausing for a rest nor slowing to a walk once.  Although I must say I’m paying for it now (with two sore knees – even though I was wearing 2x knee braces – and VERY sore hips).

Knee braces.  I'm a pseudo Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Knee braces. I’m a pseudo Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I suppose the obvious lessons here are to not let up on training when a goal is set and in site, and maybe even to carb up a touch smarter than using the race as an excuse to drink a pitcher of beer.  However the bigger lesson is this:

Don’t be discouraged, even though you may think you won’t do as well as you are potentially capable of.  I almost threw away my chance at crushing this race by taking a weekend training course, but instead faced what I had been working towards (mostly) all year.  And I’m glad I did.  You never really know what you’re capable of if you don’t take the plunge.



  1. Such a great job, Elmhood! -Lisa

  2. Much appreciated! Thank you!

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