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Dating – A Mans Perspective

June 19, 2013



OK, so we all enjoy going out there and meeting new people.  Really, who doesn’t?  This is the main reason we go to house parties, bonfires, or if you’re feeling less-than prestigious – bars and pubs.  One question that is asked almost everytime before we commit to going to a gathering remains the same – “Who’s all going to be there?”.  It really sets the standard for the night, as we as men and women prepare ourselves for the mass assimilation of a diverse group in the pond of life.  Or night out.  I don’t know exactly, I’m running low on metaphors today.

This pond has two major sides – the fish, and the fisherman.  And generally speaking, we as men attempt the role of the fishermen. (Or like to think so, anyway)

To be a successful fisherman, you can’t take the job too seriously.  You have to treat it almost like a fishing trip with the boys – keep it relaxing, no stress.  Drink your beer, have your smoke, and gently cast out into the stocked pond.  If you get mad at every bite that gets away, you’ll go home with an empty cooler and most likely some sort of identity complex.  Just to be clear…I’m still talking about dating.  It’s ok, I almost lost myself in that one, too.

Consequently if you cast too aggressively, or rev your trolling motor too early, you’ll most definitely scare the fish away.  Patience is key.  Sometimes it can take up to a week or longer to find and land a really good catch.  Oh, and probably most importantly, don’t go out on with bait thats too flashy.  Seriously.  You’ll wind up attracting all the wrong fish.  True story.  Stick to what you know.

The best and most effective way, is to not even go fishing at all.  Ironic, isn’t it?  You can still go to the lake, but maybe leave the rod and bait at home.  Sometimes, you may just find the quiet and confident canoe brings all the fish to the pond.

In the end men, all you can really do is wake up with a bit of self confidence and a ray of sunshine in your smile, and just go out on the lake to have a good time.  Remember, – and this goes for both ladies and gents – the best bait you can bring to any outting is a positive attitude and your glowing personality.

I realize the fishing metaphor may seem a touch cliche, but my other alternative was golf.  So you’re welcome.

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