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The Vacation Checklist

June 26, 2013


Its that time of year again where work releases me for two weeks so I can unwind – or more realistically, party hardy!  This year, I’ll be heading up to Country Fest in beautiful Dauphin, Manitoba for a good ol’ fashioned hoedown (and beer guzzling) followed by a week out on the lake in the gorgeous little town of Killarney.  OK, so I may not even be leaving the province, but who cares?  Nothing can beat a Canadian camping trip – even if its virtually in your own backyard.

This giant rig up top is the bad boy I’m assigned to drive up to the musical festivities.  Although I’ve never driven an RV, or a bus for that matter, I did stay in a Holiday Inn express last night and if I’ve learned anything from the commercials…that’s grounds for doing anything I put my mind to.  However, before I can get too excited, I still have to pack.  And clean.  Luckily, I’ve got my checklist.

Checklist, Please


To start, its probably a great idea that I mow the lawn before I leave.  Especially since it really hasn’t been done in over 3 weeks.  Mainly because my lawnmower broke after my lawn consumed it.  Leaving the yard in this state before I leave is just rude to my neighbours – plus I think there are city by laws against it.  Soo…cut it I shall.


Once the old lawn mower was half excavated and extracted from the gritty grassy site, the rest was cut, raked, bagged and tagged.  Yard work…check!


Obviously everyone knows one of the most integral parts of camping is the packing of the sacred cooler.  When the campfire is burning high at the end of the night, you want to make sure you’ve got enough fuel for yourself as well.  It’s also wise to bring ice, as warm beer isn’t the most tasty choice on the planet.  Unless you’re German, of course.  Which ironically I am.  Note the orange juice?  Yes.  This is what we call “morning medication”.  Also, it goes great with toast.


And lastly, after all else is well and finished, we usually remember to pack clothes and such.  Here you can see I was smart enough to bring a bathing suit, bug spray and sun screen, le Cowboy hat, and at LEAST two pairs of shades.  This is critical – at least for me – because on a weeks trip I tend to lose/break a pair of shades every 3 days.  Realizing now that my math was off, I’ll need at least 2.5 more pairs of shades to get me through the 2 week stint, mathematically speaking.  Packing?  Check.

Also I should note that I haven’t bothered with the packing of food or water, but thats mainly because I was able to snag a VIP media pass to Country Fest and most of my amenities are actually covered.  So, why have a checklist then?  Simple…I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t forget the beer.  So long everyone, I’m on vacation!!  YEEE HAWWW

  1. that’s some tall grass!! lol you look like you had your hands full

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