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Work and hobbies – a healthy Balance

July 25, 2013

For the last year and a bit I’ve been working in the security division of an electrical company here in Winnipeg.  The company is great, they’ve provided me with a van and a company cell phone (even though it’s a crackberry) and excellent training.  I even love the people I work with, including my bosses.  All is well except for one small detail – I’ve finally reached my breaking point.

By trade, I’m an electrician.  By night, I’m a blogger, comedian, (crappy) guitar player and avid socialist.  I’ve only lately come to the conclusion that work isn’t actually SUPPOSED to be enjoyable – its supposed to be entertainingly tolerable.

This time last year, I was actively looking into other career choices.  With the creative itch I’ve always had, I was searching for an outlet to which my talents could be unhinged and let loose on to the world.  I felt like my career choice was holding me back and preventing me from being who I wanted to be.

I decided to look into going back to school and going into media.  I have a cousin who’s in radio, and was fascinated being exposed to the lifestyle that comes along with it.  However reality really hit me.  I own a house, newer vehicle, and have a steady flow of monthly bills that could unbalance the tightest of cheque books.  How the deuce could I possibly afford to do a career jump at this stage in my life?

The conclusion that I drew seemed the most plausible.  As much as I’d like to get out there and do what makes me happy, I can STILL appease the creative itch by blogging and continuing to write (and eventually perform) stand up comedy.  Keeping a steady healthy social life through all these channels doesn’t HAVE to be a career jump, it can still be a hobby.

Now, what about the dead end career path I’d fallen into?  Another fix, I’d have to make the jump out of the security sector and go back to doing electrical – not a passion, but something that I’ve enjoyed for the last 8 years.

Taking a career leap is never an easy choice, it means saying goodbye to certain good aspects and people, but it all has to be weighed against how happy you are at the end of the day.  Money definitely isn’t everything, and stress levels can have a lot of negative affects on a person – even after hours.  I just felt the need to get out of my slump and be happy again.

Now that I’ve retired the laptop and fancy shirts for my old toolbox and hardhat, the levels of stress have already dissipated.  I may be slightly more dirty now by the end of the day, but I can always come home to my macbook, and to the comedy club on thursdays for open mic night.  There is a lot less running through my mind at night, and sometimes I even wake up with a smile on my face.

Where going back to school for broadcasting is always still a loose option, I’m content in the meantime engaged in something that maybe not be a passion of mine but is none the less enjoyable and free of stress.  It’s an honest living, and I can still do what I love after hours when I get home.  Hey, its all about balance!

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