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Proof is in the Pudding

September 25, 2013

Over the years, I’ve been scrutinized that I can’t cook, much less bake.  It’s understandable.  Where I do much prefer eating out at restaurants or enjoying a nice family dinner (at my parents), the truth is hidden to many – I can cook.

Oh yes, I’ve done a lot of it actually.  The difference between myself and the rest of the planet is that there is no evidence of it.  Not only do I eat it all to have no leftovers to show, I also do NOT instagram every meal that I make.  Nevertheless, people are skeptical.  I figured it was time to show the world a little more than your typical home cooked meal – I would down a bottle of wine and bake for them.

So here you have it, a short film shot between 2 days (baked in one) baking myself a birthday cake.  Now, because it was shot between two days, I kind of got caught up making lunch on day 2 and..well…leaving the camera running in the kitchen for an hour can allow for some very unplanned mishaps.

  1. Michelle permalink

    OMG, I just died watching this, and I may end up making my girl late for school. Totally worth it! I may even throw my whisks away after this and hire you the next time I need one.

  2. Quinn permalink

    This video is the highlight of my week…… I heart you!

  3. Oh my…. Lol

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