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Everyday Life of an (undiagnosed) ADHD Man

October 24, 2013


So, does anyone else want to change their career choice based on the current TV show that they’re watching?  If not, you’re probably a normal functioning piece of society.  If so, welcome to my world.

Just to be clear, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the shows I do commit to I absolutely love.  Dexter made me want to become a forensic cop, Blue Mountain State made me want to play football, and Breaking Bad gave me dark ideas to pay off my mortgage fast.  I suppose my underlying issue is that I can be very impressionable.  Unfortunately, TV isn’t where this problem stops for me..

I’m the type of person who will drop whatever it is that I’m into to pick up a new spontaneous hobby just because I saw a glimmer of excitement for a second.  All it takes is that one moment of inspiration, and I’m hooked for the next week to potentially next few months.  On the plus side, it keeps life very interesting.  And very tangled, too.

I was already going to the gym regularly, up until I saw the Wolverine movie.  I hit the gym even harder and shaved my beard to rock the Hugh Jackman look – which I claimed at the time was to be for Halloween.  Not so much.  I had this look going for almost a month, up until I decided to have a beard-off with a buddy from work.  This competition has evolved into my current beard obsession to dress as Zach Galifianakis from the Hangover for Halloween instead.  I also stopped going to the gym so frequently.  This way I have the authentic Zach beer gut to match.  I’m going all out, people.

I also bought the exact satchel he had in the movie.  Call me stupid, but…shit, I really am stupid.

Hobbies are also greatly affected, to the point I suppose I could categorize them into actually hobbies (i.e. hockey, comedy, blogging) and what I call my Weekly Picks.  Just last week on YouTube I randomly came across the original Who’s Loving You by the Jackson 5 and was reinspired by the young Michael Jackson – to sing.  Yup, I shit you not.  I actually have both the original song AND karaoke versions in my vehicle to belt out on the way to work.

In the past, I’ve also bought a DSLR camera, an electric guitar, high(er) end camcorder, and acquired a gun licence all on a whim.  Without anyone to really tell me I’m an idiot – mainly because I live alone and my dog can’t yell at me – every few months I’ll pick up a new random toy to keep myself entertained.  Hey, if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, I’ll be the only guy barricaded inside and NOT have ran out of things to do.

Alright, so I haven’t exactly been diagnosed with ADD, or ADHD per se.  I know to some it’s considered a real diagnosis, yet to others an easy write off explanation to people who just naturally lose focus quick.  In my case, I’m not ruling out either scenario.  All I know is that my tendency to jump quick to a new ‘Weekly Pick’ is expensive.  Maybe I should just stick to what I know and be grateful for what I have.  Although I have heard that snowboarding is fun.  Maybe I’ll try that this winter..

  1. We are a lot of like. I love people who think in interesting ways. I look forward to reading more :)) stop by sometime

    • Thank you! I’m finding that most of us creative types share a lot in common. Some crazier than others, but hey, it keeps life entertaining.

  2. Hey, you sound like me lol I know exactly what you mean about the “weekly picks!”

    • It truly is a curse, although I always seem to find myself running in the fast lane of life this way. Never a dull moment!

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