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Hockey’s Over, Back to the Treadmill..

March 26, 2014


Ugh, it’s that painful part of the year again where my favourite winter sport has come to an end, and I no longer have any more excuses to be skipping out on that $40 per month torture chamber  I signed up for.  With the skates hung up for the season and the running shoes joining a 90s Reebok sweatband in the gym bag, I’ve finally pulled out the trusty iPod and joined the ranks of other sweaty ill-dressed folk on the front lines of Treadmill Row.

First off, lets take a brief look at my workout history the last few months.  I stood in a hockey net.  Now, where this is a surprisingly good core and leg workout, it really does zilch for ones cardio.  I bought a book on goaltending this winter – which already gives you an idea of how amazing my natural skills totally are – and it mentioned that goalies don’t really focus on cardio, and instead focus on other muscle groups and plyometric training.  It went on to say how some legendary goalies were alcoholics and smokers, and how it didn’t really affect their game.  So naturally I upped my drinking and began smoking again to be in tip top hockey condition.  That’s all fine and dandy, however it leaves me at a great disadvantage now in spring, where I’m back at the gym running like a hamster on a wheel.

I’m two days in on my new workout regiment, and am still barely able to run a mere 2 miles without the urge to faint and/or lose my lunch.  This is insulting, as last year at this time I was already pounding out 8 milers on a regular basis in preparation training for the Manitoba Half Marathon.  Sigh.  The weights at the gym seem heavier, too.  That 45lb plate is totally inaccurate, man.  Even the steam room seems unbearably hot these days.  Like the gym is trying to force me out at every stop.

No matter how sore, winded, or steamed out I become, I’m fighting through the first week.  Naturally, I’ve since quit smoking again and cut the drinking down to a minimum to prepare for a possible Manitoba Marathon entry.  To top it off, against my own will and under the influence of a friend, I’ve also changed my dietary intake of fast food to zero and I’m -attempting- to eat healthier now.  The food is the toughest part.  I’ve noticed that the healthier I eat, the more vampiric I become when the mere thought of a burger slips into my mind..

Quitting most of the bad habits was surprisingly easy, and thanks to a recent post-work party and getting ejected with my group from my favourite restaurant, it gave me a push in the right direction to cut out the booze.  And, well, stop eating pizza.  Although that adventure may be an entry for another day.

  1. Going back to the gym after a break is the WORST! It’s so difficult.

    But totally worth it. Hang in there! Soon it’ll be routine again and you’ll be laughing.

    • Thanks! My favourite part is the deep night sleeps that follow a good workout. Although the mornings are difficult 😛

  2. ElvenAssassin permalink

    I recall your cake baking adventure. Are you really that bad of a cook? I’m wondering what sorts of meals you have planned.

    • Boat loads of fruit and veggies. I bought a juicer too, however i find that a glass of true health tastes like a donkey’s bath water

      • ElvenAssassin permalink

        Oh dear. The husband bought The Ninja Professional Blender (the kind that would make Tim Allen proud). The brand they demo at Costco boasts that you can blend things so fast that you have a warm soup. I’m pretty sure we can do the same with ours. It makes a mean smoothie and goes on sale at Canadian Tire regularly enough, it seems. I would recommend it. The supplied pizza dough recipe is decent and whips up dough in seconds. literally. I haven’t managed to convince any friends to do this yet, but if you can convince someone to agree to batch cook, it’s a good way to have a variety of healthy prepared foods on hand. Otherwise you end up eating chili for a week, like as not, even if you froze most of it, ’cause there’s nothing else in the freezer. 😛 It doesn’t last as long in the freezer, but you can pre-fry ground beef and separate it into single servings and only do the actual cooking once a week. Then you can cook dinner in half the time. Stuff like lazy man’s cabbage rolls in one of those personal sized crock pots. I mean, why bother with presentation and making individual rolls when you can layer a casserole dish and have it turn out with the same taste?

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