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Easter Weekend – A Couple of Canucks’ Stay in the USA

April 21, 2014


Growing up, our family made an Easter tradition of heading down to Grand Forks ND for an extended family weekend trip. The uncles would watch sports, the wives would go shopping, and us kids would swim laps in the Ramada’s pool until we got kicked out for excessive WWE behaviour. Now, granted I haven’t actually been in attendance on this family fun filled adventure over the past few years, I’ve noticed that things are a lot different when you go back on the same trip and are no longer a kid.

Evidently, reaching adulthood for my younger brothers meant sharing some qualities that I’ve attained over my life.  After convincing my youngest brother that staying home was a bad idea and he should feel ashamed for even considering skipping out a family event for a date – something of which I was famous for – we packed up and left Thursday evening heading to Fargo, ND.  Well, we packed.  He angrily threw a single pair of board shorts along with his iPhone charger into the back of Dad’s truck and boarded the vehicle, something he regretted shortly after as he squirted ketchup all over his only shirt upon arrival at the hotel.  It didn’t take long to realize that this year was a lot different than how I remembered things years earlier..

For convenience sake, I’ve made two lists indicating some minor differences between this and previous years.


Previous years

  • all the grandkids were in attendance
  • the pool was the focal point
  • chicken and pizza was the standard dinner
  • no alcohol for the grandkids


This year

  • missing four regulars in attendance, and various significant others
  • Happy Harry’s was the focal point
  • chicken and pizza was the standard dinner
  • one brother got so drunk, he was adamant that he could last 2 min if we were to hold him down and waterboard him


Since our immediate family was a party of seven in attendance, we had two rooms paid for us.  This makes sense, as both rooms had 2 beds and 1 couch per living space.  Unfortunately, dividing up the married couples between rooms meant there was no party room, and the singles were forced to drink beer in the hallway past 10:30pm.  And that was after migrating out of the stairwell on account of “scaring the guests”.  Please.  Like no American has ever seen a few Canadians drinking beer in leather jackets on a dimly lit flight of steps violently discussing our NHL playoff picks.  Watch a movie!  Or at least the first 20 minutes of Goon.

As Saturday rolled on out, so did every brother and cousin.  Back to Canada.  Leaving me behind in Fargo with the aunts, uncles, and worst of all my mothers dog.  Saturday night was a special night for the adults as they planned out a generous meal at a semi prestigious restaurant, all expenses covered by the grandparents.  Being 31 years of age, many years older than the other kids, I’ve always placed myself among the adult side of the crowd.  However in the absence of the kids, I fell back into the kid category by default and stayed back at the hotel to dog sit.

I have to be honest though, it WAS my own choice.  I felt the parents and elderly folk should go out and enjoy themselves.  Besides, I set the dog up like a princess in her own bath with the door to the washroom shut and fan turned on high whilst I watched the playoffs and ordered in an obscene amount of pizza.


Side note, I’ve once blogged before about how much I simply wuv momma’s precious little puppy.  You can find that here, A Rather Unorthodox Foe.

Even though the younger crowd left early, I did manage to get in a lot of good quality time with the grandparents and rest of the fam jam.  Wound up spending a tad over my original budget of $0, and walked away with most of the chocolate that my grandparents had intended for everyone.  Hey bro, you snooze you lose.

And, even though were were miles away from our home in Canada, I was still able to attend church on Sunday before departing the hotel for home.  Merica!



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