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Impractical Efforts

March 20, 2015


Alright.  So by now, it’s pretty clear that I am a lazy human being.  I’m not a fan of going in to work, doing house chores, or cleaning up after the fuzzy roommates.  However, there are times when I can get so deeply involved into a project that I completely lose track of the relevance of the end result.  This particular school project was one of those situations.

I’m currently taking a radio and television broadcasting course, and our latest assignment was to film a short cooking show aptly titled “In the Kitchen” for 10% of our final grade.  We were broken up into groups of four; two off camera playing the rolls of director and producer, and two on camera playing the roles of host and guest chef.  The requirements were to hit the seven minute in length mark, not to go over our $15 food budget, and to maintain conversational flow and instruction throughout.  Naturally, we wanted to spice it up a touch.

After joking with the teacher about preparing pot cookies for the show, we had an epiphany – why not have a puppet host the show.  I began to think of a perfect puppet host, when the obvious finally jumped out at me.  Kermit the frog.  Boom.  Just…where to buy the puppet?

Now, I had no idea how much money buying a replica Kermit actually was, nor did I have any knowledge about sewing before I took on the task of creating Kermit from scratch.  However after spending a bit of time on YouTube learning the ‘Henson Stitch’ and an hour or two in Fabricland, I spent roughly 15 hours creating the best thing I’ve ever made since that video where I set my kitchen on fire.  And there, after skipping two days of work to complete my masterpiece, it was film day.  There was just one problem…I spent all my time BUILDING Kermit that we didn’t actually collaborate any real scripting.  So after seven minutes of ad-libbing a major project, this is what we came up with.

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  1. hahaha good job Matt

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